Victorinox & Vox


I really like this combo of the Odino by Viper Knives, the red Swiss Army Cadet by Victorinox, and the Xclusive handkerchief by Cranky Hanky Co.

Viper Odino – Designed by Jesper Voxnaes, this clean looking titanium frame lock not only looks great, it feels great in the hand as well. With a blade just under 3″ made of Bohler N690Co, it will hold a decent edge and makes sharpening relatively easy.

Cadet by Victorinox – This is one of my favorite items to carry. You’ll see one of these in almost all of my pictures from my Instagram account. They are small and easily carried with a variety of useful tools. It’s extremely rare that I don’t have one of these with me at all times.

Handkerchief by Cranky Hanky Co. – Some might say carrying a handkerchief now days is old school. That may be.. But once you get used to having one on you, you’ll feel strange without one. As a project manager in commercial roofing here in Texas, having a handkerchief in the heat of the summer is a must.

Thanks for looking! More posts of gear and reviews to come!


4 thoughts on “Victorinox & Vox

  1. Saw your IG post & came over here to check out your blog. Cool stuff. I like the Odino, but it weighs a little over 5 oz. Does it feel heavy in the pocket?


    • Hi Peter, thanks for checking it out! I will admit that both the Odino and Kyomi can feel a bit heavy in the pocket, especially if you’re wearing shorts instead of jeans. If you like the design and size of the Odino, I would suggest checking out the Boker F3 II. It’s the smaller version of the F3, and it weighs 4.3oz. I’ve got some pictures on my Instagram feed of the F3 II, and I’m sure I’ll be posting a few on here eventually.


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