Ursa Minor


This shot features the Ursa Minor by Kizer Cutlery, the Bottle Scalper by Tony Nicholl, and handkerchief by Cranky Hanky Co.

Ursa Minor This knife is designed by Ray Laconico and produced by Kizer Cutlery. The knife is a frame lock folding knife with “flipper” opening style. The action on the Ursa Minor is probably the smoothest of any knife that I own. The blade is made from CPM-S35VN stainless and measures 3.125”. The handle and clip are both titanium. The hardware comes in a blue color, but I have had some customization done to mine. The hardware and clip have been anodized to a bronze color, and the handles have been stonewashed. The blade has also been acid washed, etched, and sharpened to a mirror finish. One thing I really love about the blade is the “harpoon” style grind that gives it a little more character.  

Bottle ScalperThis simple bottle opener/pry bar is designed and made by Tony Nicholl (@nichollknives on Instagram). I like the simplicity of this small tool. It’s thin and lightweight, but sturdy enough to be used as a light pry bar or flat screwdriver. Not to mention the ability to open an ice cold beer! Tony makes these in different thicknesses and metals. Mine is made from a stainless steel.

Plaid Handkerchief This is another one of my many handkerchiefs from Cranky Hanky Co. These usually measure 10.5”x 10.5” and are double sided made from cotton.


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