Pioneer X

IMG_0019I just got the new Pioneer X from Victorinox and I have to admit, it may be the most functional Swiss Army Knife ever made.

The Pioneer model by itself is one of my favorites. It’s essentially a larger version of the Cadet model, only it replaces the file with a reamer. Now they have added scissors into the mix, and I’m not sure there is anything this knife couldn’t do.

The Pioneer X is in the 93mm size group of Swiss Army Knives (about 3.6”). It’s just small enough to be carried without noticing it’s there, but big enough to feel like it can take on more robust tasks than a smaller SAK would be able to. As much as I love the Cadet, sometimes I feel like it’s a little too thin/small for certain situations (i.e., cutting something thick or needing to pry something heavy).

The Pioneer X features a blade, can opener/small screwdriver, bottle opener/large screwdriver, a reamer, and scissors. Tell me that wouldn’t make you feel like Macgyver..

The X only comes in the silver color (like the one above) and a limited edition metallic grey color that features a Damast blade.They are becoming increasingly harder to find, but they normally run about $45 or so for the silver model and about $185 for the limited edition.


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