ZT 0220


Here’s a look at the ZT 0220 designed by Jens Anso.

I was trying pretty hard to sell this knife not too long ago, but it has become one of my favorites in the last month or so. I just really wasn’t a huge fan of the bright orange backspacer or the large blue “ZT” medallion on the front of the knife. (Be warned if you don’t like the medallion, there’s just a hole in the scale behind it, so it won’t look any better without it!)

So after removing the orange anodizing on the backspacer with Greased Lightning, I sent it over to Mark Mansfield (@mmans0311 on Instagram) to do some work on the blade.  As usual, Mark did a fantastic job darkening, etching, and sharpening the blade to completely change the look of the knife.

Little did I know, the knife now comes with a black backspacer from the factory. So I called ZT and ordered a new stock black one (pictured above). Now the knife looks as good as you would expect with the quality of design and materials that went into making it.

The blade is 3.5” and made from CPM-S35VN. The knife overall is 8.375” long, so it’s a pretty good size. It weighs about 6.25 ounces, giving this American made folder a nice sturdy feel to it. The action of the ball bearing system makes the “flipping” smooth and effortless. I guess it just took a little bit of modifying to make the 0220 a knife that I want to hold onto for years to come, but I’m very happy with how it turned out.


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