Victorinox & Vox 2.0


This combo features the Boker F3 designed by Jesper Voxnaes, and the Pioneer Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox.

By now you may have noticed a trend in my collection.. I tend to like knives designed by Jesper and I’m slightly obsessed with Swiss Army knives. As far as I know, there is no such thing as Swiss Army Knives Anonymous. So until I can get the help I need, I’m just going to keep collecting.

The F3 by Boker is a beast of a knife. I’m usually not a huge fan of Boker knives, but the F3 and F3II were exceptions. The full sized version of the F3 is 8” overall (4.75” folded) and weighs 6.55oz. I have several knives in this size/weight range, but the F3 just feels bigger to me. I think the thickness of the blade and handle make the knife seem almost bulky. (If you like the design but not the size, I’d take a look at the slightly smaller F3II. I’m sure I will post a review the F3II here soon.)

The blade of the F3 is made from CMP-S35VN, and the handles are full titanium. There are a couple of other options for handle material if you do not want titanium. They also come in carbon fiber and black G-10. The clip and backspacer come anodized in a nice blue color, but I removed the anodizing to match the rest of the knife. The clip feels a little lightweight compared to the rest of the knife, but I haven’t had any issues with it. Overall, I think the F3 is a great value for the amount of knife that you get for the price.

The Pioneer by Victorinox gets a lot of pocket time for me. (I recently reviewed the Pioneer X, which is just a pioneer model with scissors. You can check out the review here.)

The Pioneer has the same tool configuration as the classic “Soldier” model which has been standard issue for the Swiss Military since 1891. This is one of those “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” kind of things. The knife features a large blade, a bottle opener/large screwdriver, a can opener/small screwdriver, and a reamer. This is a classic knife with a useful set of tools that will last forever.


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