Swiss Army Compact


This EDC features a Victorinox Swiss Army Compact model, a Fisher Space Pen, the bi-fold wallet by Big Red Beard Combs, and a handkerchief from Cranky Hanky Co.

The Swiss Army Compact is a great model that fits it’s name well. It’s a 93mm model that features a blade, bottle and can opener/large screwdriver, scissors, a “parcel” hook with a file on the spine, and a corkscrew. This model also comes with tweezers, toothpick, a ball point pen, and a mini screwdriver that fits within the corkscrew. My compact does not have the ball point pen because it has the “silvertech” scales.

The Fisher Bullet Space Pen is a great little compact pen that fits just about anywhere. It is only 3.75” when closed (almost the size of the swiss army knife), but opens up to 5.25”, which is about the size of a standard pen. It is made of all brass with a black matte finish. Fisher claims the space pen can write in some extreme conditions including underwater, upside down, in zero gravity, and in temperatures ranging from -30F to 250F. I have not tried any of these personally, but I will take their word for it. The refills for Fisher space pens are relatively inexpensive, and are said to last 3 times as long as a normal pen.

The Big Red Bi-Fold Wallet is a great quality minimalist wallet. See my previous “Budget EDC” post for more information on this wallet.

Maroon Handkerchief from Cranky Hanky Co. Just another one of my many handkerchiefs from Car at Cranky Hanky. Always great quality products and customer service!


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