Ursa Minor & Old Cross


I bought this older Pioneer online recently with the old style cross on it. It was a little beat up, but after a good cleaning, oiling and sharpening, it ended up being in very good condition. I Really like the look of the old style cross on the red Alox scales. These were produced up until 1999 and have brass liners.

Paired with it is my Ursa Minor by Kizer Cutlery. You can read more about this knife in one of my previous posts if you’d like my thoughts/review.

As always, thanks for looking!


Fortis & Compact


Here’s a shot I took the other day of my Fortis by Viper Knives and my Victorinox Compact sitting on a handkerchief from Cranky Hanky Co.

The Fortis is still one of my favorite knives in my collection (I try not to say that about every knife that I own..) and it’s probably one of the most photogenic knives I have. The slim profile and smooth action makes this knife a steal for the price.

The compact has become one of my favorite models, and I have been thinking about getting another one in a different color. Maybe I’ll find one or two on my upcoming trip to Switzerland..

Thanks for looking!