Olight Brass i3S


This simple shot features the CRKT Pilar, the “Bottle Scalper” by Nicoll Knives, and the Olight i3S in brass.

The CRKT Pilar is a great little inexpensive knife. I did a quick write up about it in a previous post titled “Budget EDC”. This one has darkened, etched scales to get a little better contrast between the handle and the blade.

The bottle scalper by Nicholl knives is a simple bottle opener/pry bar tool that will fit just about anywhere.

The Olight i3S is a small key-chain/pocket light that runs off of a single AAA battery. This one is made from brass, and has a max output of 180 lumens for 3 minutes, then down to 90 to avoid overheating. The other 2 outputs include 20 lumens and 2 lumens.

I really enjoy the smaller, single AAA lights because they are easy to carry, and are usually more than enough light in everyday situations.


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