I haven’t posted in a bit, but I had to show off my newest edition.. This is the GM1 by GiantMouse Knives.

GiantMouse knives are designed by Danish knife makers Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Ansø, and are limited to 400 pieces per model. 300 are a “standard version”, while the other 100 are a special version of the same design. You can read more about their backstory on their website in the link above.

I have been kicking myself since the day the GM1 sold out, because I had multiple opportunities to purchase one online from the GiantMouse website. For whatever reason (being too cheap, I imagine) I passed on getting one of these incredible knives. I’ve been on the hunt ever since. Normally, by the time I found one for sale, it was long gone. I just happened to be talking to someone who had been thinking about selling his, and he made me a great deal for this one.

Fortunately, this GM1 was in almost perfect condition, so it was like getting a new one from GiantMouse themselves. Here is a bit more about the knife –

The blade is 3.3” long and made from N609 steel. The handle is titanium with blue anodized titanium clip, backspacer and pivot ring. It has a ball bearing pivot and the action is perfectly smooth. It has a pretty solid feel to it, weighing about 5.4oz.

GiantMouse has some awesome designs, but I can tell the GM1 is going to be a favorite of mine for a long time. If you are interested in the GM2 or GM3, they are both still available on their site at the time of this post.


Victorinox Spartan PS


These two limited edition knives are the Spartan PS from Victorinox.

The Spartan is probably the most widely recognized Swiss Army knife around the world. I’ve posted a couple of pictures here on the blog of other Spartans that I own.

The PS stands for “polispectral”, which is apparently a special coating on the tools that give them a grey/black look depending on the light. The tools feel extremely smooth to the touch, which I imagine also has to do with coating.

I can’t speak for the durability of the coating, but it sure does look nice! I’m not sure how these will hold up to hard use like other Swiss Army knives. I suppose only time will tell.. But for now, I’ll enjoy the unique look that the coating gives these knives.

Side note – I imagine that if stormtroopers carried a Swiss Army knife, the white Spartan PS would probably be standard issue..